It has been our endeavour at Aryan Boilers to offer state of art, well proven, user friendly and future perfected technologies to the Sugar Industry. Introduction of Single Drum, Multi-fuel, High Pressure Industrial boiler would go down the annals of Indian Sugar Industry as a positive contribution from Aryan Boilers.

steam_generator_img2Advantages of Aryan Designed Boiler

  • Low Capital Cost
  • Less ErectionTime
  • HighlyResponsive
  • Less Maintenance Cost


Single Drum, Multi Fuel, High Pressure Industrial Boilers

Benefits of Aryan Single Drum Boilers over Conventional Bi-Drum Boilers

Sr. No.

BOILER Single Drum



Simple in Construction compared to Bi-Drum Boiler


High Ligament efficiency compared to Bi-drum boiler


Reduced drum thickness compared to Bi-drum boiler


High Residence time due to Tall Furnace.


Bigger economizer allows more heat extraction from flue gases


Better Circulation due to unheated downcomers

Heated Down comers hampers natural circulation.


Less soot accumulation on tubes due to parallel flow of flue gases

More soot accumulation on tubes due to tangential flow of flue gases


No soot accumulation on Drum

More soot accumulation on lower Drum


Tube panels can be repaired individually.

Tube Panels cannot be repaired individually due to absence of headers


Quick installation due to single drum design.

Installation is time consuming


Reduced manpower requirement for Erection

More Manpower required for Erection.


Single Drum with welded boiler bank avoids tube expansion & leakages.

Bi-Drum having boiler bank which is expanded in the drums which is not advisable for the high pressure boilers.


Product Range of Boilers 

  • Traveling / Dumping grate fired boilers
  • Fluidized Bed boilers
  • Waste Heat Recovery boilers
  • Water Tube Package boilers
  • Fire Tube boilers

Fuel Compatibility of Aryan Boilers

  • Fossil: Coal, Lignite, Oil, Natural Gas
  • Biomass: Bagasse, Rice Husk, Wood Chips, Cotton Stalk, Cane Trash & pith, Other Agro Wastes
  • Gases: Blast Furnace Gas, CO Gas, Bio-Gas.

Salient Features of Aryan Boilers

  • Capacities up to 250 Tons Steam/Hr.
  • Pressures up to 150 bar.
  • Temperatures up to 550 deg.C.


Instrumentation and Automation

It is imperative to mention here that Aryan boilers are accompanied by high degree of operational sophistification through state of art PLC/DCS based instrumentation and automation systems.