Bagasse and Coal Handling systems

Bagasse and Coal Handling systems

Aryan Boilers has designed and supplied large bagasse handling systems for sugar plants specially with cogeneraton projects. The system consists of mechanically spreading surplus bagasse in the storage yard and simultaneous reclamation of the same for the boiler feed as an when required.

Bagasse Handling & Feeding System

The bagasse handling system will take-off the mill bagasse from last mill to the boiler through bagasse elevator & Main Bagasse Carrier. Return the excess bagasse from Main Bagasse Carrier to the yard and supply bagasse from the yard to the boiler through suitable size belt conveyor or RBC. Required Bagasse for burning in Boiler to be feed by Main Bagasse Carrier through the Slide Gate mounted above the storage silo and just below MBC which controls the bagasse feed to Silo, The rotary drum type Extractor is directly mounted on screw Conveyor. The quantity of fuel is to be controlled by providing VFD unit to achieve variable speed to drive motor of rotary drum type Extractor. Whereas fixed speed separate drive shall be provided for screw Conveyor. The controlled quantity of the bagasse receiving from Extractor & Screw Feeder shall be fed to the Boiler through Pneumatic Spreader.

Coal Handling & Feeding System

Required final Coal for burning in the Boiler normally comes as a bigger size in coal yard, which crushing & feeding to Coal Bunker. System should also equipped with magnetic separator and dust extraction. Crushed coal from Coal Bunker is feed to Boiler through screw feeder & coal spreader.

The objective of coal handling system is to feed the raw coal from feed hopper to crusher and crushing it to desired size and feed the crushed coal to coal bunker. From coal bunker controlled quantity of the coal receiving from screw feeder fed to the Boiler through coal spreader.


Raw Coal shall be feed to a Grizzly Hopper 200 X 200mm opening & @5m3 capacities & feed to Raw Coal Conveyor CC-1, by Reciprocating Feeder of suitable capacity. Further suitable size magnetic plate/ Magnetic Separator to be provided for separating the iron particles if any in the Coal. Further Raw Coal shall be collected in Vibrating Screen which separate out -20mm particle in raw coal to avoid re-crushing of less than 20mm particle in raw coal. Further +20mm particles passes through the Fixed Grill, Swing hammer Type Crusher to sizing it to -20mm. Crushed coal collected from the crusher & -20mm sized coal separated out by the Vibrating Screen are collected in Belt Conveyor CC-2, which takes the crushed coal up to the height of Coal Bunker. Further we providing a horizontal Belt Conveyor with Tripper above the bunker for proper distribution of coal in side the bunker to avoid segregation of crushed coal particles. This is recommended strongly for proper burning of Coal inside the Boiler.
The coal screw feeder mounted below bunker. The quantity of fuel is to be controlled by providing VFD unit to achieve variable speed to drive motor of coal screw feeder. Whereas fixed speed separate drive shall be provided for coal spreader. The controlled quantity of the coal receiving from screw feeder fed to the Boiler through coal spreader.

Ash Handling System

Ash generated during the operation of power plant will be suitably collected and disposed. Ash Handling system will be Mechanical conveying or Pneumatic (Dense Phase) ash handling to make the system environmental friendly. The ash generated in the boiler will be partly collected from the grate, furnace second, third pass and economizer zones and the rest from the electrostatic precipitator.

• The ash collected from grate is expected to be around 800ºC temperature. The bottom ash from the boiler falls into the submerged ash conveyor where the bottom ash gets cooled by water.

• Two (2) No. Screw Conveyor placed below the Riddling Hopper to collect the dry bottom ash and it will be discharged into Submerge ash conveyor.

• The system is designed for discharging coarse ash from the front of the boiler to small carbon steel silo located at suitable distance from one side of the boiler (further disposal after discharge of silo by client). The ash silo of carbon steel or RCC construction will be designed & elevated in such a manner that the small truck can stand below the silo for unloading.

  1. Bottom Ash Handling
  2. Fly Ash Pneumatic handling system:-

The Fly ash collected from Economiser, Air Pre-heater and ESP will be conveyed by Compressed air to the destination fly ash silo. Fly ash from each section will be having common or individual ash conveying lines depends on ash collection. Fly ash pneumatic handling provided with suitable M.S surge hopper, level probe, manual operated valves, conveying vessel / Master & slave vessel (placed below the surge hopper), Local pneumatic panel, ash conveying pipeline of ERW (Heavy class), complete with M.S Flange, long radius Alloy C.I. bends, gasket, fastener & clamps.